Thursday, April 7, 2011

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was involved in a car accident

On April 8th, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was involved in a car accident, leading him to be slightly injured.
Later that day, SM Entertainment officially announced, “Kyuhyun was treated for injuries resulting from a car accident. In order to perform for his musical ‘The Three Musketeers‘, Kyuhyun was driving to Kwangju Cultural Arts Center at 5AM. As he was trying to merge into a different lane, he hit a truck, resulting in a minor collision. He had slight bruises on his leg and arm, but fortunately, his bones weren’t injured. He is currently undergoing a physical examination to check for more possible injuries.
In the late afternoon, Kyuhyun tried to reassure his fans by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry“.
Actor Uhm Ki Joon replaced Kyuhyun for April 8th’s performance of ‘The Three Musketeers.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk thought SNSD’s Sooyoung was the prettiest before debut

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk recently revealed of a special ‘relationship’ he had with SNSD’s Sooyoung back before their debut.
During a recent recording of KBS 2TV’s night variety show, ‘Nocturnal Habits’, guest MC Eunhyuk revealed that he was the closest with guest member Sooyoung before their debuts.
Eunhyuk confessed they often liked going to the board games room together.
He said jokingly, “Back then, Sooyoung liked me a little.” To this, Sooyoung replied, “It wasn’t Eunhyuk that I liked, it was the board games!”
Eunhyuk also shared that he first saw Sooyoung while she was at her profile photoshoot, and said, “At the time, Sooyoung had really long hair, and thought she was the prettiest out of all the SNSD members. She was so pretty that she looked like a Barbie doll.”
The full episode is scheduled to air on November 28th at 11:15 PM KST.
Source: Newsen

T.O.P looks like ‘America’s Next Top Model’ judge, Mr. Jay?

Big Bang’s T.O.P has been gaining attention recently for his shocking white hair.
On November 26th, Choi Seung Hyun (aka T.O.P.) attended the 31st “Blue Dragon Film Awards“, strutting down the red carpet in a wine-colored suit and with electrifying white hair.
In contrast to most other actors, who decided to wear simple black suits, Choi Seung Hyun showed off a unique style fit for an idol star.
Some netizens commented that he looked like the judge from “America’s Next Top Model“, Mr. Jay. Others had various reactions such as, “I was so shocked when I saw T.O.P“, “I thought it was a music awards“, “He’s too conspicuous” and “He can pull off even a style like that“.
Meanwhile, Choi Seung Hyun won the ‘Popular Star Award’ and the ‘Rookie Actor Award’ for his performance in the war movie, “71-Into the Fire“.
Source + Photo: TV Report

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ukrainian group copies Big Bang?

Ukrainian group copies Big Bang?

K-Pop is spreading globally and some astute Ukrainian netizens recently noticed that the MV for Ukrainian group Время и Стекло / Time and Glass looked very familiar to Big Bang’s MV for their Japanese single ‘Tell Me Goodbye’, which was released back in May.
After reviewing both MV’s, I can see why people would see think that it was copied as there were many similar scenes. In any case, you can be the judge & jury by comparing the two MV’s below.

BIGBANG TELL ME GOODBYE(original mv version)

BIGBANG is the BEST!!!!!!hihihihi^^

Saturday, November 20, 2010

SM Entertainment officials say they would welcome Hankyung back

Amidst controversies surrounding Hankyung’s Chinese CF, his agency, SM Entertainment, has revealed that they would still take back Hankyung, if he should decide to return to Korea.
A representative of the agency spoke with New Daily on November 19th and stated, “Hankyung filed an injunction against SM Entertainment on December 21st, 2009. All of the investigations have been completed and we’re waiting on is the final judgment. We’re curious on the reason as to why the court has yet to pass a judgment. The relationship between Hankyung and SM Entertainment is only becoming uncomfortable because of such delays.”
Regarding their feelings on Hankyung’s actual contract, the representative went on to state:
“At the time of the contract signing, Hankyung was present with his mother and clearly heard the explanation that the contract would be for 13 years. He is the one that signed it. For him to come out now and claim that he received unjust treatment from Korea and that the entire contract is invalid is ridiculous.
China has advanced a lot recently, but at the time, how could he have earned the skills in China in order to become an international star? Hankyung himself knew that SME’s star system was superior, which is why he came to Korea.
There were a few months in the beginning of Super Junior’s career where he was met with uncomfortable situations due to his visa problems, but the fact that he is claiming the contract as invalid is just an excuse.
There has been a lot of controversy surrounding ’slave contracts’ in the entertainment industry lately, and the way we see it, Hankyung just wanted to join the bandwagon and is now being used by associates around him. If he knows that he did not become a top star in China on his own with absolutely no background, I hope that he will think once more on whether it is right for him to go against the company that has raised him thus far.
At the time of his lawsuit, the Super Junior members and company employees found out about it through the newspaper. We are also praying that his recent CF controversy isn’t true as well.
Despite all of this, SM Entertainment believes that it is better for both Hankyung and the company to come back together as opposed to terminating the contract. Whenever Hankyung wants to return, we will take him back.”
Stay tuned to allkpop for further developments.
Source + Photos: New Daily

Thursday, November 18, 2010

SM Entertainment to debut new project group, ‘S.M THE BALLAD’

It was revealed that TRAX’s Jay (‘Typhoon‘), Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and new singer Jino have formed a project group under SM Entertainment.
A representative from SME revealed, “A new ballad project group named ‘S.M. THE BALLAD‘ has been created, and their first album, ‘Really Missing You‘ ,will be released on November 26th. ‘S.M. THE BALLAD’ is a collaboration between different singers that will give birth to an even better ballad genre.
The first album will feature vocals by Jay, Kyuhyun, Jonghyun, and the new SME artist Jino. Jino (18) received 2 years of training and is said to possess powerful vocals, which has already captured the attention of SME fans already.
Stay tuned to allkpop for further updates on this exciting new group!
Source: Sports Chosun

Big Bang’s newest album nears release!

On November 17th, YG Entertainment revealed, “Big Bang is putting the finishing touches for their new album and impending comeback. They will return to their Korean fans as early as this December, but if the process is slow, January.”
The representative added, “Big Bang cordially declined to attend Japan’s Award Ceremony, so that they can concentrate fully on producing this new album”.
The critics and fans alike are buzzing at the potential changes Big Bang will bring to the music industry. Stay tuned to allkpop for further updates!
Source: Star News